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Instagram vs Vine: Which app is better for you?

When Instagram first came out, filtered photos with tags were all the rage and now that video magic has been added to the mix, the craze has intensified. And then there’s Vine – a simple 6 second looping video concept owned my Twitter. So which one should you use? One or the other? Both? And what are the differences?

Let’s look at Vine first. Vine videos are actually 6.5 seconds and they are basically a video version of your 140 character tweets in a looping format. When Vine was first introduced it was very basic and one dimensional however there are some clear key functions for Vine.

Channels: unlike Instagram, Vine has introduced 15 new channels for your short videos so that users can sort and post videos based on a theme. Each channel has a popular feed so that top posts get highlighted each day. So if you’re posting about cats on a daily basis, there’s a good chance it’ll get seen in the channel dedicated to cats. This is something I wish Instagram had but one can only hope.

On the rise: to help you gain popularity on the platform, Vine is now featuring top posts from new community members so take some time to create a great first Vine and it might just get featured

Revining: This feature enables a user to re-vine (or re-share) your Vine with their community.

Protected Posts: When creating a Vine, you can decide if you want to share it or keep it private.

Other attractive features about Vine are its ease of use (touch the screen to shoot a frame), front facing camera, the ability to save the clip to your camera roll, embedded videos, and geotagging.  Twitter put a lot of science into the 6.5 time frame claiming it was the perfect amount time needed to consume video content. It also works well to capture short slices of your life, your brand, and present them in a neat looping fashion.

Instagram for video is fairly new. A fifteen second clip can either feel like an eternity or a work of art depending on the subject material. I personally found it easier to record six seconds vs fifteen but maybe that’s just me. A few obvious differences between Vine and Instagram are the platforms they live on. Vine isn’t exactly popular yet and it was just announced in January. Before it could get off the ground, Instagram announced their own power play on something users are already familiar with. In the first 24 hours, a whooping 5 million videos were created.

Instagram video has these following cool features that differ from Vine:

  • the ability to delete frames from video sections
  • image stabilization
  • adding forced focus in post-production
  • adding filters to change the look and feel of your footage
  • choosing a cover image from any frame in your video

The major differences between the two platforms are minimal.

Length: Instagram videos can be as long as 15 seconds, while Vine is limited to a max of 6.5

Looping: Vine videos are looped while Instagram videos are not but looping makes sense in 6.5 seconds if done creatively; 15 seconds might be a bit cumbersome.

Post-production: Vine doesn’t offer much editing options after the video is done. All you get is your raw content that also can’t be focused in any way. Instagram gives you the ability to delete frames, filter your video, and image stabilization which can help you create a great video if you choose to.

The bottom line: what kind of video experience do you want to share with your users and do you care about the final production? If you want a polished piece, Instagram might be your thing. If you want to quickly shoot and share, Vine might be more your style. Maybe you want something longer for something that can’t quite be captured in 6.5 seconds or maybe you just want to shoot whatever you can. Both can be rationed out on a case by case basis.

Which do you prefer and why? Let us know in the comments below.


Image source: Media Bistro

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