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Print vs. Video: Readers weigh in — Part II

Various publications are expanding into video by launching actual video series, such as the Orange County Register, which debuted sports news segments called Register Access and The Huddle last month. Sports Illustrated also launched a live, half-hour weekday talk show in June called SI Now Powered by Ford. Web series like these are just a number of ways publishers are embracing the better side of video. But not all video is created equal, and lately many stories have been created as videos when readers would have preferred print. At least that’s what inVocus found out last week when it asked news consumers how they felt about the abundance of video popping up on news sites. This week, we decided to follow-up with responses from the consumers who have accepted these forays into video news as a natural evolution in our multifaceted media world:

Amber Turner, co-Founder of MilSpouse Minute and Veterans Voice Online

I would rather listen or watch a video. As a military spouse and busy mom, I don’t have time to read most days. I think many people are very busy as well, so it can be convenient too. My blog is mostly videos for recruiters and employers because I know they are very busy, and don’t have time to read through countless resumes. To me, videos are much more engaging and personal. I feel like they are talking to me, and I like that feeling. Also as a mom, my concentration level is very limited. I can’t concentrate long enough to read an interesting article because I always have one of my kids tugging at my leg.

Beverly Pagone, founder, Beropa Co.

In the last couple of years I have started using my WSJ Live app for news. It’s all video, and I listen to it while doing other things. This works well for me because I can learn about important news stories without having to devote my full attention to it. Some stories are of particular interest to me, and I will go back and read them, but mostly I get a general, comprehensive business perspective of the news.

Another print media where I enjoy video is in the Martha Stewart “Living” magazine, particularly when we get an inside look at how artisans hand-make unique objects. I do think the type and content of the videos is very important though. It must be above all informative, not entertainment focused. Also, I prefer a more casual approach, where real experts talk about the issues conversationally in a casual setting (Couches in the WSJ Lobby). I think the personal anecdotes and hearing from the experts themselves is extremely valuable and unique. I prefer non-scripted stories that are focused on helping me learn a new skill or valuable information. I am scared that at some point this new Internet news video will slowly turn into what TV news is now, at which point I will probably become annoyed by it and cease to watch it.

Chris Brine, owner of Brine Books Publishing

I prefer reading the text over the video. That said, I do not think that having a video as an option is bad, but I don’t like it when I go to an article and it forces me to watch that video. Print news online should have an emphasis on the text, not the video. The video, in my opinion, should only be complimentary to the journalistic integrity of the written article.

Dr. Fran Walfish, expert for Parents magazine, Beverly Hills Courier columnist, author of the “Self-Aware Parent,” and expert in parenting

I like going to read an article online and being offered a video option. Personally, I am a slow reader, and I prefer to watch a video than read a long article. What truly annoys me is when I go to read an article or watch a video and a loud volume commercial concurrently pops up during my video. I have to shut down both and start over.

Sandra Dee Robinson, founder/CEO of Charisma on Camera

I work with experts in various fields to get them comfortable for video, and thus, I am stressing the importance of video for business daily. That said, although I am an advocate for this delivery system, I must admit I still prefer the option of reading the information. I click on the video first, often this helps me establish whether I like and trust the speaker or person in the video, and THEN I basically will read the transcription or article, because I feel I can absorb the information more quickly.

–Katrina M. Mendolera

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