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Los Angeles fashion blogger Kat Chang is relatively new to the blogging scene, but has plenty of experience working with the designers behind the looks. When she decided to share her personal style know-how and passion for local fashion, she took her freelance experience and created Love and Ace. Kat recently chatted with us about her foray into the fashion blogging world, her plans for attending New York Fashion Week, and more!

Q: When did you decide to start Love and Ace? What made you decide to become a blogger?
A: I started Love and Ace almost a year ago. At that time I was actually freelancing at an e-commerce startup that works with indie designers, and my job was to interview these designers for the blog and newsletter. I really enjoyed it and decided to start a blog that revolves around telling the stories of local and indie designers.

Q: Where does the name Love and Ace come from?
A: Love and Ace is named after my two terriers. But I guess you can also say it’s named after my love for the game of tennis – since I named my dogs after that! I originally had it as a placeholder until I came up with another name but I started to like it more and more and decided to stick with it.

Q: By day you work at a tech PR agency…how does your day job influence your blog writing?
A: I write a lot of pitches which I apply to my blog writing. I like to keep things short and personable. I’ve found that my readers will respond to things I write if I tell an anecdote or something personal and interesting. Same with pitching to reporters as a PR person. I keep things short and I also let them know that the pitch is specific to them, and not a mass email I send out to a bunch of people on a list.

Q: Do you use social media to promote your content? If so, how?
A: Of course! I use Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. I don’t have my social media accounts linked. I like to promote my content at different times throughout the day and I’ll share it differently depending on the platform I’m on. For example, on Twitter I usually write something short, sweet and enticing to get my followers to click on the link to my blog. Instagram is visual so it’s all about the best photo from the post, and Facebook tends to be more like the post itself since I can share a lot more content on it.

Q: Where do you get ideas for your blog posts? What content do you mainly feature?
I feature a mix of outfit posts and designer interviews. I call my blog a “semi-personal” fashion blog since it’s not just about my personal style but also about the designers I interview. I get ideas for posts from all over! I live in L.A. so there’s inspiration everywhere I go. I’m always on the lookout for new designers. I’ve discovered a lot of great local designers while shopping at the boutiques on Abbott Kinney (in Venice, CA). And of course, fashion magazines and blogs are always a great source.

Q: New York Fashion Week is coming up in September. Have you ever been? Or would you ever go?
Ah. Yes, I plan on going this September, it’ll be my first experience. I had plans to go to my first NYFW last February but sadly the big Nemo storm grounded our flight! I’m excited to go this time and I know the weather will be MUCH better.

Q: Tell us about your personal style!
I stick to simple, basic pieces that are easy and effortless, but with a touch of something girly like lace or ruffles.

Q: What’s the best part of being a fashion blogger?
A: Being able to connect with the designers I’ve interviewed has been great. A few of them have become friends of mine that I see on a regular basis. 

Q: What about the most challenging?
A: Keeping up the blog is a 24/7 activity. Not only am I creating content for the blog itself, but there’s a lot of other things involved – social media, contributing to the blogging community and more. Oh, and I will never get used to posing for photos in public!

Q: What are your PR pet peeves, or what is the strangest pitch you’ve received?
Any pitch that starts with Dear Sir/Madame is usually deleted! I received a strange one last week where the PR person wanted to do a giveaway which I was happy to do, but then I found out it was a BOGO (buy one get one) giveaway which meant the giveaway required the “winner” to buy a product to get another one for free. That doesn’t sound like much of a giveaway to me!

Q: Any tips for PR professionals who want to get in contact with you?
A: I think a thoughtful pitch that is written specifically for me is the best way to get my attention. I received a great one yesterday where the PR person told me she found my blog via Instagram. I love that she shared that with me!

Find Kat on TwitterFacebookInstagramand at her website, www.loveandace.com.

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