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Sentiment analysis and customer satisfaction: Advocacy counts!

On October 16th, we had the opportunity to conduct a webcast with a guest speaker from Ogilvy – SVP Irfan Kamal. A few months back, Ogilvy embarked on a study to try to find out what drives true brand advocacy. Put simply, an advocate is what you want. Satisfied customers have a limited value in comparison.  Advocates will talk positively about your business not only when asked, but whenever they think the information is valuable to others. That advocacy can be amplified by social media in huge ways. The presentation reviewed the drivers of advocacy in four major markets. It was really interesting to see that different things drive advocacy in different markets. I won’t give the secret away here. Check out the webcast. It will give you more great info than I ever could in a blog post.


At the beginning of the event, we asked the audience a simple question and took a quick poll. “What is the state of sentiment measurement in your company?”

  1. We do not measure regularly. It is not broadly important to my company.
  2. We do not measure regularly. But it is broadly important to the company.
  3. We do measure regularly. But it is not broadly important to my company.
  4. We do measure regularly. It is broadly important to the company.

Here are the results of the poll,  an unofficial “Sentiment State of the Union”:


I took two things away from this:

1) It is great that 50% of the respondents say that sentiment is critical and that they communicate it broadly. Hopefully, it is on official scorecards, etc., but I will take it at face value and say, “Right on!”

2) 28% (11%+17%) say that sentiment is not broadly important to their company. Maybe the devil is in the term “broadly” –  that is, one may not expect all roles in a company to care about sentiment. But, in this day and age, with the speed and pervasiveness of social media, how can you not care broadly about social media sentiment?  Tools like Visible Intelligence make it easier to measure sentiment down to a fine level of detail every day.

As Ogilvy suggests, sentiment is not enough. So watch the webcast and ask yourself the questions above. Now replace the term “advocacy” for “sentiment.”  Does your answer change? To get started, do you have a vision for what true advocacy would look like for your company and what people would be talking about?  That is a great place to start a discussion within any part of your organization.

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