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SnapChat for Marketing: How Your Business Can Benefit

Wondering what the next social media craze is or looking for new ways to ramp up your social media strategy? Have you heard of SnapChat? SnapChat is an app that is popular amongst the 13-25 year old crowd and if you don’t fit that age range you might not heard of it but if your brand is targeting that demographic, let’s talk about how you can get involved.

What is SnapChat? SnapChat is a popular mobile app that logs over 400 million messages a day. That’s a lot of data. All this fun data disappears after a while. Yep. The lucky recipient gets a brief window to view the message and then it’s gone. Nothing lives on a server, it’s not saved anywhere, and poof! It’s gone.

The lifespan of a Snap is between 1-10 seconds. There is also an opportunity to add a Snap to something called “SnapChat Stories.” This feature allows you to create a snap that will last for 24 hours. The limited time frame creates a sense of urgency and therefore makes it the perfect vehicle for a quick and fun marketing campaign.

Coupons: SnapChat is a great way to reward mobile customers with a limited time coupon or some sort of rewards coupon. SnapChat can be used to deliver coupon codes and also reward customers for sending back snaps of the product being used and rewarding those users with a special coupon code just for them.

Gain new followers: What’s the point of having a shiny new toy to play with if you don’t have anyone to play with? Right? Announce on all your previous networks that you now have a SnapChat account and wait for the fun to begin. Once you’ve gained enough of a following, run a campaign to gain more. It’s a win/win. Promote your giveaway on existing networks to gain new followers on your new network.

Create a hashtag or a simple call to action for fans to enter and send you snaps. Then encourage fans to tag their friends and introduce even more followers to your SnapChat. Since it’s quick and easy to send a Snap, the campaign will produce immediate results.

Create a video tour: SnapChat isn’t all about the photos. There’s also a video feature that allows you to tell a 5 second story. Use the video feature to introduce new products, give a brief glimpse of what’s to come next from your brand, give a glimpse of a new campaign, or just something quirky and fun from your brand. Since the time frame is short and the video will disappear, this is the perfect way to introduce new ideas and perhaps crowd source new ones.

Get the audience engaged: Use SnapChat to promote products, coupon codes, and also get your staff involved with exclusive sales and other behind the scenes info that only SnapChat users will get to see and view. Since it’s a fun, quick mobile platform, SnapChat can be used to create last minute campaigns to give away exclusive swag that can only be won in a short amount of time. The possibilities are endless.

Do you SnapChat?

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