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What Brands Can Learn from John Legere

You’re probably wondering who John Legere is. If you’re not a techie or a cell phone junkie, this name probably means nothing to you but if you’re obsessed with Twitter and all of the above, you’ve probably seen his name pop up. John Legere is the colorful CEO of T-Mobile. Instead of hiding behind a desk, he’s crashing parties at CES, verbally hurling insults at his competitors, and making a difference in the world of social media.

Early this month, the boyfriend and I looked over our finances and decided we were paying too much money to AT&T for three lines of service. T-Mobile with its no contracts, the ability to switch to a new phone every 6 months, unlimited data, etc was starting to look pretty good except we were a bit hesitant. Should we switch? How much would it cost? Would we really be saving money? All the questions responsible adults have to ask themselves when making big decisions.

The boyfriend and I had noticed that John Legere was pretty responsive on Twitter. So we decided to take a chance. Maybe he would respond to us, maybe not. Couldn’t hurt, right?  The results were almost instant. After the initial tweet, John Legere was quick to respond and asked us to email him. I was still skeptical. What if he’s just brushing us off? What if he doesn’t respond to the email? I can be pretty hard to please. He’s the CEO. He doesn’t have time for me.

Much to my surprise, we not only got an email but also a guarantee that our problems would be resolved and that a store near us would handle our switch and would also be briefed on the Twitter/email exchange in order to ensure a smooth switch. Wow. So what can we learn here?

Be passionate about your brand: I don’t recommend being a trash talker but I do believe in being passionate about where you work. John Legere acts like T-Mobile is his child and with that mentality, he nurtures it, continues to see that it grows, and makes sure everything and everyone at T-Mobile is happy and successful. When we went to our T-Mobile appointment, everyone was raving about the CEO and all of the wonderful things the company was doing to help them succeed.

Be responsive: Businesses often get lost in the minutiae and forget about their customers and how to improve the customer experience. John Legere is probably the only CEO I know of that actually has an active and responsive Twitter account. Not only that but he delivers results and keeps his promises. He doesn’t delegate the tasks to anyone else or brush people off and that’s probably why a lot of people are now making the switch to T-Mobile. Personal touch goes a long way.

Take action: If you’re on a social network, be prepared for whatever comes your way and be prepared to take action when a customer is angry or even if they’re happy. John Legere has handled ever customer comment that has come his way with tact and an immediate response. It’s almost like he sits there all day long as a second branch of his customer service department even though I’m sure he has other CEO duties to perform that might be more pressing.

What other companies do you know of that are good at social media and have made you think twice about doing business with them? Let us know in the comments below.

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