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Klout Redesign & New Partnership

Sharing content through various social media platforms has become a daily part of everyday consumers’ lives. The same goes for brands and businesses – without utilizing these tools, brands can be easily overshadowed by the savvy market competitor. It’s only a matter of time as social media platforms mature, to release the next build and/or redesign to take users to the next level of innovation.

In February 2014, social media influence ranking site Klout overhauled its product with a variety of added features and a fresh look.

The biggest change to Klout’s design is the addition of a personalized content stream that aggregates a variety of social media sources based on topics the user is currently influential in. It’s also customizable, allowing users to add topics of interest to their homepage feed. From there, users are only a few short clicks from sharing these items through their preferred network like Facebook or Twitter.

Klout personalizes the page with adding “flags” to many of the articles to indicate certain areas of sharing. The four flags include On the Rise, specifying the content is on the verge of trending; On Target, which means that a significant portion of the user’s network is interested in the topics included in the content; Hidden Gem denotes a large percentage of people in the user’s network hasn’t seen the content; and Hot off the Press means the content was recently published by a trusted source.

Speaking about these changes and more is Jon Dick, head of marketing at Klout. “Klout’s new content platform is the first step in a significant product shift that will help our users create and share great content,” he said. “We’ve begun unlocking our massive trove of cross-network social data to help our users get an edge on social media.”

Other added features on the site include a content scheduler and an enhanced impact measurement and tracking page. Klout suggests optimal times to share content and recommends relevant people to @mention in the content based on topical influence. For businesses and brands, these tools are especially useful and beneficial. Click tracking, reach and reaction metrics are also soon to be released on the platform.

“But like the process of developing the Klout score, we know that making it easy to create and share quality content online is going to take time,” Dick said. “Our content platform is the starting point of helping us achieve a much broader vision of helping people be known for what they love.”

The mainstays of receiving perks and Klout score haven’t changed. “People constantly ask us, ‘How do I raise my Klout score?’ And the answer is simple: Create and share great content. Processing billions of social media engagements has shown us that content is at the heart of influence. Of course simple doesn’t mean easy, we all know that creating great content is hard,” Dick said.

It’s also important to realize that the Klout scoring algorithm does not give preferential treatment to content shared through Klout.

“That said, we’ve seen great results for people who have been using the redesigned version of the platform to share content,” he said. “We’re particularly excited about the results for folks in the 40-59 score rage. We found that with the help of Klout, users in this cohort shared around 13 posts a week and that they experienced, in turn, an average score increase of about 1.7 points compared to those who didn’t.”

Additionally, the recent news of Lithium Technologies’ acquisition of Klout has raised the bar further. Based in San Francisco, Lithium’s core business is social customer experience management software. In the new terms, CEO and co-founder of Klout Joe Fernandez will become general manager and senior vice president of Lithium’s Klout business. This partnership will also allow the companies to combine customers such as McDonalds, American Airlines, Sephora and Best Buy.

“The combination brings together the 100 million consumers who engage across Lithium communities every month with the 500 million consumers touched by Klout to establish one of the biggest data footprints of consumer attitudes, preferences and activities,” Rob Tarkoff, president and CEO of Lithium said in the company’s blog.

The companies will surely be in a transformative state in the coming months as they settle into what’s next, but there is still a clear path the Klout team has on its agenda.

“We’re currently laser focused on finding ways to leverage our data to help our users create and share great content on social media. Over the coming months, we will launch more features that help users get an edge,” Dick said. “We are also excited to be working closely with our new partners at Lithium Technologies to begin integrating the passionate conversations happening in the online communities that they power into Klout’s Scoring and topics systems.”


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