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Weekly Feature for Fashion & Beauty Fanatics: Q&A with Danika Daly of Danika Daly PR

Early in her career as a junior publicist, Danika Daly knew she wanted to steer her path toward a future representing big name fashion and beauty brands. So she did just that, and in short time opened her own fashion and beauty PR firm, Danika Daly PR. Here she reveals her advice to those just starting out in the industry as well as how technology now plays a role in the fashion PR industry. In addition, we chat with Danika about Fashion PR Confidential—a joint venture with PR Couture’s Crosby Noricks—and how the workshop provides a hands-on learning experience for aspiring fashion PR pros.

Q: What was it that led you to a career in fashion & beauty PR?
I worked for a PR agency in Palm Beach that worked with clients in several different industries, and I found that I really enjoyed working with the fashion and beauty brands. I was a junior publicist at the time, and clients were randomly assigned. I expressed my interests to my boss and asked her if I could manage all the fashion and beauty brands, and she said yes! I was immediately promoted to being the senior account executive of the Fashion/Beauty division.

Q: You’ve worked in Miami, Palm Beach and New York City with some big brands and fashion icons. How did you finally decide to open your own PR firm, Danika Daly PR?
It all happened by accident. I was moving away from Palm Beach, but hadn’t been actively job hunting. My managers suggested I open my own firm, and told me I could handle it. I didn’t believe them—I thought I was too young. Right before I left, friends of friends started calling me asking if I would work with them on their PR. I finished up my last week at my job in Palm Beach and went straight into freelancing. Business built up quickly, and due to a lot of pushing from friends and family, I formed Danika Daly PR.

Q: What do you love most about your job?
I love that there is never a dull moment. It keeps me on my toes. Plus, my job makes for great Instagram photos!

Q: What are some of the not-so-glamorous, but essential, parts of working in fashion PR?
Fashion and beauty isn’t always as glitzy on the inside as it is on the outside. It can be a lot of long nights (baggy eyes aren’t glamorous on anyone) and intense moments, especially during Fashion Week. It’s important to take it all in the stride and just remember that fashion and beauty should always be fun.

Q: Tell us about Fashion PR Confidential 2014! How did you and Crosby Noricks, of PR Couture, come up with the idea and what does the workshop involve? A: Fashion PR Confidential is a two-day workshop focusing on the fashion PR industry. We started in March 2013 in NYC and have since taken it to LA. We provide a hands-on learning experience in a small group of 25 students. They learn how to critically and creatively think through any fashion PR campaign, from start to finish, and get feedback from Crosby, me and their peers. It’s a unique opportunity to learn from a bevy of industry experts in a casual (yet fashionable!) setting. We also have a $100 discount on the registration fee for the NY and LA workshops right now!

Fashion PR Confidential started one night when I was thinking about all the workshops and conferences I’d been to in the months prior, and realized a lot of them just graze the surface of what fashion PR is. It’s not something really taught in schools, nor is there really a workshop out there specific to fashion PR. I told Crosby about it and she was immediately on board, which was really exciting for me. The support we’ve received for Fashion PR Confidential has been incredible from the very beginning.

Q: What is a common question or problem that fashion/beauty brands often come to you with for advice?
I work with a lot of emerging brands, so usually I’m approached for launch advice. As a result, I get involved with a lot of other aspects of a new brand, rather than solely PR. I work with some clients on brand management, branding and more.

Q: Do you accept guest bloggers?
We haven’t ever had a guest blogger on the Danika Daly PR blog, but it is something we have considered in the past. If anyone would like to be our first guest blogger, feel free to email us at

Q: What advice would you give students studying to be in the fashion publicity industry?
Get as many internships under your belt as you can while you’re in college, and start early. The experience and the connections you will make are invaluable, and will help you with your job search later. Stay on top of the fashion industry and who’s covering it. Read fashion magazines, blogs and websites regularly.

Q: Where do you see Danika Daly PR, and fashion PR as a whole, headed in the future?
Fashion is not just about the clothes anymore. Technology and social media are playing a huge role in that. With so many opportunities for collaborations and new innovative mediums to promote clients, the job of a fashion publicist is to figure out ways to take a designer’s creativity and apply that to the current and about-to-be trends. At Danika Daly PR, our scope of services continues to grow as we innovate for our clients and our company.

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