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Celebrating the World Wide Web

3d man sit near the globe with laptopWhen: August 6

What: The continued controversies surrounding issues such as net neutrality and Internet privacy serve to highlight just how integral the Web is to our daily lives. Recognize the Web’s crucial importance on August 6, the 23rd anniversary of the day the World Wide Web went public.

Background: The World Wide Web began in 1990 as a project by Tim Berners-Lee and Robert Cailliau at CERN. They wanted to design a way to navigate interlinked hypertext documents by using the Internet. This led to the first Web servers, browsers and pages. Berners-Lee published the project to the Internet on August 6, 1991, and made it a publicly available service.

Story Pitch: This is a perfect event for any company that works in Web-based services such as design, Web hosting or cloud computing. If you work in design or hosting, be sure to focus on the unique elements that you leverage to help clients improve their traffic, retention and other metrics. Groups that focus on empowering people via the Internet should also take this day to speak about how it has changed people’s lives, as well as the current dangers facing the open Internet. Companies that are entirely Web-based should especially take advantage of this day. They can use this as a chance to promote the advantages that they experience from being Web-based, such as faster customer care and delivery, lower prices, or higher stock item diversity.

Story Hook: According to a Gallup poll, people in the U.S. are less concerned about the National Security Agency monitoring Internet traffic now than they were in 2000. What could be the cause of this, and why should or shouldn’t people be concerned? How else has the way in which we view and use the Internet changed over time? Keep the following in mind while making your pitch:

  • What do changes in net neutrality mean for most people?
  • Who is working to spread Web access to people in developing nations?
  • What are some emerging e-commerce “bubbles”? Which previous “bubbles” have already popped?
  • What are the new frontiers in Web technology and design?

Tips: Provide contact information for an expert in e-commerce and marketing as well as in Web-based technology and development.


CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research)

Electronic Frontier Foundation
(415) 436-9333

Internet Retailer
(312) 362-9527

The World Wide Web Consortium
(718) 260-9447

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