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Why meaningful social media posts matter

thAs a lover of Facebook, I enjoy scanning through posts and trying to find something noteworthy from friends or former coworkers. The challenge I usually face, however, is spending too much time scanning through streams and streams of posts that don’t matter to me. Sure, it is vaguely interesting to see that someone is checked in at an airport or cheering on a favorite major league (or little league) sports team. But I find myself just quickly scanning those items and quickly moving past them, and it takes significant time just to scan the posts.

But, every few days I do find a terrific post. I define an outstanding post as something that is meaningful and stops me in my scanning path. Most recently, it was a picture of friends from over 20 years ago in an environment that immediately came flooding back to me in memory. Like watching an engaging movie or reading a fascinating article, this post grabbed me, put a smile on my face and immediately started my brain spinning.

When I see a post like this, it has direct value and context for me. I just wish it wasn’t so challenging to sift through and find these posts that really do matter. 

Our clients face a similar challenge every day. In some cases, these brands have millions of posts that have a link or mention about them. The brand and marketing teams don’t have the time or team resources to spend sifting through a vast majority of posts that don’t matter to their business – they just need to quickly find and focus on those posts that help them make decisions. And that’s why they rely on Visible to help them eliminate the time wasted on unnecessary comments and pinpoint those that provide context.

Visible makes it easy for these brands to apply sophisticated yet flexible segmentation to zero in exactly on the content that helps them make quick and confident business decisions. It doesn’t require social intelligence or market research expertise. In minutes, brands can isolate what advocates are thinking about a new campaign, or how value conscious shoppers are talking about a new product in the market. This same segmentation can provide a laser focus on a specific city, product attribute such as stereo sound system in an automobile, or generation segment such as millennials. In any case, Visible makes it easy to have customized dashboards with these segments ready for viewing and exporting for your last minute presentation needs.

The volume of social media posts are increasing exponentially. For me, personally, it means I need to spend more time hiding people that don’t matter and scanning faster to find meaning.  For Visible customers, however, the volume increases aren’t an issue. They are already getting to meaning without the wait!

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