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Viralheat Features: Organizations and Workflow

If working in social media  management has taught me one thing, it’s this: no two clients’ needs are just alike. Every time I think that I’ve seen every conceivable business model or organizational structure, a new client comes in to prove me wrong. The lesson here is that the tools you use for social media management should fit your organization, not the other way around. With those needs in mind, Viralheat features a great system for organizational structure, permissions, and workflow. I’m excited to show you how it works, so click over to see how Viralheat can make your work… flow!

Your business’s social media efforts are almost certainly multi-faceted. You’ll have a team of content creators in marketing, or customer support associates using Twitter to address issues. You’ll have a guy combing for sales leads, a PR specialist, and don’t forget about your new branch in Dublin! Viralheat allows you to create Organizations within your account that help to subdivide these different teams, offices, and functions. If you’re an agency, you can create an organization for each client. If you’re a large company, you can create an organization for each product division, or separate organizations for marketing and sales… or both!

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Once you’ve created your organizations, you’ll want to decide who can access each organization, and what their permissions should be. Fortunately, Viralheat offers a lot of flexibility there, too. You can invite a user to join as many or as few organizations as necessary. You can also create roles for each member that are specific to each organization. If you want a user to have full access to one organization, but limited permissions in another, just assign a different role for each organization.

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Now that you’ve set up organizational divisions and established user permissions, it’s time to get to work. Viralheat has workflow functions that make social media teamwork easy. Engagement is really important in social media. Making sure you have the right people doing the engaging can be just as important! If you notice an incoming sales inquiry in your Viralheat stream, you can assign that post to someone in Sales Development. You can set a due date and priority for this task, describe the task at hand, and check on its status. The assignee will receive an email letting them know that they should reach out to the potential lead. You can also assign tasks that aren’t linked to incoming social posts. If you want to manage your social media content creation through assignments, you can create tasks for your content creators from the Tasks section of your Viralheat account. Speaking of content creation: if you want the final say before a post goes live, you can set user permissions so that certain content creators’ posts require your approval before publishing. Having a second set of eyes review each post can prevent embarrassing and unprofessional social media gaffes, and allows you to better ensure that your content has a consistent voice and message.

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You shouldn’t have to use multiple tools to manage your social media marketing, and you shouldn’t have to make your business model fit into a certain mold because of the tools you use. Rather, you should have the option to choose one tool that fits your business model.  Viralheat is here to help you do just that! If you’re interested in learning more about Viralheat or if you’re already a customer and want to implement workflow and permissions into your current structure, drop us a line at  Remember, social media management tools are here to help make your social media efforts easier and more successful – just make sure you choose the right one for you.

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