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7 Random Stats That May Change Your PR Plan

I admit, I love stats. After reading yet another social media infographic that didn’t tell me anything about my communications business other than Pinterest is important, I decided to curate seven studies and statistics that would make an impact on a communicator’s approach.

Here are seven random statistics that just may change your PR plan:

1) Ethics Matter

Ford - PR Stats

Did you know that 51 percent of customers stop using a brand because of its ethics? So says a recent report from Havas PR.

I know some companies add corporate social responsibility to their effort much like an add on, an after thought. I am not sure I’d be willing to risk half of my customers due to bad ethical behavior.

2) Overvaluing Instagram

Tumblr PR stats

Instagram is continually listed as the next consumer social network after Facebook and Twitter. Yet, marketers and media types might be making a mistake based on traffic and users. Pinterest, Google+ (what?!?) and Tumblr both rank higher and photo giant Flickr’s resurgence has placed it right behind Instagram. In fact, given how powerful Flickr is for image search, I usually favor Flickr over Instagram in my campaigns.

Instagram has its uses, but perhaps it simply makes it easier for marketers to engage customers than other networks. Regardless, if you’re a consumer oriented company, you owe it to yourself to check out the other majors before defaulting to Instagram as your third network.

3) LinkedIn Is a Beast

Social Media Updates - LinkedIn

Speaking of large social networks, the same eZimba ranking places LinkedIn as the third largest social network. Its new interface and content initiatives have the network barking on the heels of Twitter. Given the grumblings about link farms and declining usage on Twitter, how long will it take until LinkedIn becomes the United States’ second largest social network?

4) 10.5 Mbps Per Second

Apps - PR Stats

The average speed of a U.S. consumer’s internet connection is 10.5 Mbps (South Korea leads the world at 23.6 Mbps). Telecom equipment manufacturers are working to deploy 1 Gbps wireless networks. Just to give you an idea, one Gbps represents significant chunk of most people’s monthly wireless data plan.

What does that mean for PR, or more to the point, content? New media rich and data intense apps on mobile devices well beyond the simple YouTube app that loads sometimes with two minute videos. Point being, if you are still relying on text and are not investing in visual media and data intense apps, your communications will become as antiquated as the telegram.

5) Video Market Changing

ComScore - PR Stats

Facebook video is now outpacing YouTube for monthly views. That’s right, Facebook is the number one social video channel on the Internet. Anyone else want to discuss how Facebook is dying?

6) Ethics Matter Part Two: 84% Pay More

84 Percent - PR Stats

We talked about corporate social responsibility to start this wacky statistical journey. Now consider this: 84% of consumers will pay more for a product or service if the company/brand is socially responsible. Who knew that reputation could increase margins? Well, most PR pros did, but at least we have stat to prove it now.

7) Innovation Matters

Innovation - PR Stats

We all want to innovate and adapt to new technologies, but how important is it really? Given that 2/3 of the C-suite thinks their marketing department is not up to snuff, it’s very important. In fact, according to Ernst and Young only 30% of the C-Suite think that CMOs’ marketing methods are innovative. Better hop on that big data analysis train before too long!

Which studies are impacting your work daily?

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Image: Mayeesherr., Michael Righi (Creative Commons)

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Geoff is president and founder of Tenacity5 Media, a digital marketing agency that provides content marketing and social media services. A former journalist, Geoff continues to write, and has authored five books. Follow him @geoffliving.

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