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8 Step Guide to Social Media Crisis CommunicationSocial media is a powerful tool for both advocates and opponents of your brand. You invest mountains of work in building your brand and your reputation by establishing relationships with your consumers, but with one scathing Facebook post or tweet, all of that work can be for nothing.

So how do you fight back before the damage is done?

Don’t risk your reputation. Use social media and other communication tools to take control of the crisis and guide consumers toward a positive perception of your brand.

Our latest tip sheet is your “8-Step Guide to Social Media Crisis Communication.” In this guide, we’ll show you how to:

  • Formulate a plan for all possible crises
  • Respond to a crisis quickly without jumping to the defensive
  • Turn negative threats into positive opportunities

Here’s a sneak peek for what to do to tackle your crisis:

1.       Plan

Preparation is the key to any crisis communication plan. Be ready for all possibilities by establishing a plan for each situation that could arise. Test the plan to see how you fare and adjust as needed.

2.       Train

Once you have a plan in place, fine-tune your skills. Practice responding to breaking news and trends so that when a crisis hits, you’ll know exactly what needs to be done.

3.       Pause

Although you should always respond quickly during a crisis, sometimes pausing for a moment is more beneficial. Take a deep breath and collect your thoughts to ensure your communication is valuable and not defensive.

4.       Revisit

During the crisis, go back to your plan. Let it guide your actions to make sure you stay on track and make the decisions that will best benefit your brand.

Want a more in-depth analysis and to learn the last 4 steps? Click here for our free tip sheet now!

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