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Press Releases: A Bajillion New Sales Overnight?

There are plenty of reasons to use press releases as part of your overall marketing and PR strategy. The smart PR practitioner knows how to use them and what to expect from them.

If you nod your head while reading any of the three following examples, we need to talk about your expectations!

1. You Expect a Bajillion New Sales Overnight.

If you think a press release is your golden ticket to tons more customers, I’m going to have to burst your bubble. There’s really no marketing tool that will do that.

Yes, publishing a press release will introduce new customers to your brand, and you may see a bump up in sales. But you shouldn’t expect instant success any more than you should with social media or any other marketing tool.

2. You Think a Top Journalist Will Beg to Write About You.

You dream of hitting the cover of Forbes. Or Wall Street Journal. Or insert publication of your choice here.

You’re certain that a journalist will simply happen upon your press release and say, “Eureka! This is the story I’ve been waiting for!”

It could happen…but probably won’t. You can, however, publish a press release and then send a carefully-planned pitch to a journalist who covers your industry. You’ve got a better shot of getting media coverage by complementing news releases with targeted and personalized pitching.

3. You Want a Flood of Traffic to Your Site

Again, it’s about managing expectations. You wouldn’t expect a single tweet to quadruple your web traffic, would you? I hope not. So why would a press release do the same?

Press releases can and do boost traffic to your site. After all, they’re essentially breadcrumbs you’re spreading around news and industry sites, leading back to your website. The more places they are, the more new people can discover your brand.

I’ve met business owners who think that they should get these three results with press releases, and I work hard to educate them to better understand what they will get.

They’ll get great branding for their companies. They’ll introduce their products to more people. And they’ll build and maintain their online presence. These are all great reasons to use press releases, so if your expectations are in line with the results you can expect to see, I encourage you to try using press releases if you haven’t already.

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About Susan Guillory

Susan Guillory is the president of Egg Marketing & Communications, a marketing firm specializing in content writing and social media management. She frequently blogs about small business and marketing on sites including Cision, Forbes, AllBusiness, Small Business Trends, The Marketing Eggspert Blog and Tweak Your Biz. Follow her on Twitter @eggmarketing.

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