5 Brands Share What’s Working in Social Media Marketing

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Marketers appreciate hearing from other marketer’s success. We learn from other marketers, even when their examples are from a different industry.

When my friends at Cision suggested we publish a second Social Business Journal, we considered several topics. We arrived at a topic that appeals to every marketer active in social media.

In Social Business Journal Volume 4, we showcase five unique brands from diverse industries and customer segments, showcasing how they are succeeding with social media marketing.

The brands we showcase in this Social Business Journal are: Dell, Humana, NASA, Southwest Airlines and Walmart. Following is a summary of the common themes across their social business journey.


Investing in training employees pays big dividends. When employees understand why it’s beneficial to engage in social media and how to do it effectively, the results are strong and measurable.

Formalized training for employees, including executive training is proven to empower employees, giving them confidence and skills to engage in social media in support of the brand’s marketing goals.

Using specialized social media listening techniques, the brand can measure business impact from employee engagement.

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Employee Advocacy

Audience of Social Media Ambassadors

If you’ve read my content before, perhaps you remember me saying that “your marketing department is too small.”

I’ve always meant that the most effective way for any brand, in any industry to build trust through social media is to develop an army of brand ambassadors. This is a journey accomplished only by providing training and governance, with the added focus on brand advocacy.

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Enterprise Social Business Strategy

The employee advocacy theme is consistent among all five brands. When a brand has been at it for several years, the logical progression is to create a business process designed for maximum reach and results.

One such infrastructure is the “hub and spoke” model where the social business team acts as the “hub” and the marketing, communication and customer care departments are “spokes.” The hub and spokes work closely together to deliver social strategies that engage the customer effectively.  

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Social Media Storytelling

When you employ thousands of people, the potential for storytelling that celebrates employee and customer success is huge. When you employ more than two million people around the world, the storytelling potential is like no other brand.

Just as the opportunity for storytelling is huge, so is the challenge to harness the stories in a way that is authentic and manageable.

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Niche Content

How many social media accounts does your brand manage? Five, 50, 100? Why would a brand want to manage more than 500 social media accounts?

When a brand has diverse initiatives, each appealing to a niche audience, allowing each one to have its own unique voice is beneficial. The customer wins and the product or initiative wins through specialized content that serves the unique interests of the offering.

That’s exactly how NASA has evolved to have more than 500 social media accounts. In the Journal, you’ll read how NASA serves the unique interests of millions of people across niche topic areas.

As I stated in the opening paragraph, marketers enjoy learning from other marketers. Regardless of your industry or company size, every marketer can discover valuable ideas and strategies from these five brands sharing what’s working for them in social media marketing.

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Bernie BorgesBernie Borges is founder and CEO of Find and Convert and leads the agency’s strategy. Bernie is a consummate content producer on digital marketing insights and best practices and hosts the Social Business Engine digital TV show and podcast.

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