About Kevin Miller

Kevin Miller is a Product Marketing Manager for Cision. He develops marketing strategy and messaging, focusing on influencer impact and related trends within the comms and media industries.

Understanding Web Analytics Integrations: Laying a Foundation

Web analytics are a key component in understanding when PR and comms efforts are leading to conversions on brand websites. From traffic to revenue, web analytics provide a clearer picture of how audiences and consumers engage with websites, and prove ROI.

Why Small Businesses Need a Media Database

Why should small businesses invest in a media database and earned media overall? Read on to find out.

Is SocialCentiv a Home Run for Twitter Marketing?

It is fourth-and-goal and you need a touchdown, there are two seconds left on the clock and you need a […]

Enhanced Digital Reach from Cision: Measuring the power of your story

Cision UVPM unique visitors per month Digital Reach

Cara Sprunk – Reporter, Us Weekly

Us Weekly reporter thrives off competition in race to break celebrity news.

Natalie DiBlasio – Breaking News Reporter, USA Today

College is a setting where generation after generation find themselves striving for career paths and searching for meaning and a […]

Carlo Munoz – Staff Writer, The Hill

Capitol Hill is not only a large neighborhood, but also serves as the heart of the United States Congress, and […]

Amy Gorin – Senior Editor, Weight Watchers

When your mother told you that you should eat your breakfast before you went to school as a kid you […]

Neil Janowitz – Senior Editor, Fast Company

Senior editor finds levity in innovative business writing

Josh Hicks – Reporter and Researcher, Fact Checker

Reporter and researcher Josh Hicks hopes to shine light on Washington, D.C., politics as part of the WaPo's “Truth Squad."