Holistic PR Software

In one powerful platform, identify influencers, craft campaigns, and attribute value from the broadest spectrum of media sources. Today’s communicators know the importance of measuring their earned media impact, and with the Cision Communications Cloud, they can do so with ease.


Connect your brand with influencers and decision-makers through the world’s largest human curated media platform. Flip the script on influencer databases, querying searches based on the interests of your key audiences, while discovering the media contacts that will get your message out. Track your team’s activities, and report on your email pitching and social posts performance, with our integrated campaign management tools.


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Achieve your communications goals with Cision Distribution by PR Newswire’s award-winning solutions and the largest distribution network in the industry. Effectively reach new audiences by communicating across multiple channels. Increase demand and improve search visibility by 50% when you share your multimedia messages via the industry’s best.


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Collect the coverage you need to report on your success, and dig deeper to understand what messages are driving the conversation. Save time by working with the broadest selection of print, online news, broadcast, and social media available in a single solution.


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It isn’t just the data sources that matter; it is about what you can do with them. Automated PR analyses and reports combined with proprietary metrics, tell your brand's story while proving your team's impact through integrations with leading Martech solutions including Google Analytics, Adobe Omniture, and Marketo. Do more, faster, and attribute value with the Cision Communications Cloud.


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Measure the Impact of both Placed Media and Earned Media coverage with industry changing technology to understand who interacts with your content, how they interacted with it, and what influences end consumer activity. With this valuable data, stop guessing and start attributing value to your PR and Comms teams.


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Discover and track the performance of visual content at a global scale. Before ImageIQ, it was impossible to ensure holistic and validated visual monitoring. Now you can identify, track, and analyze images with ease to gain insight into how visual content drives purchases without the need for text, hashtags or metadata.


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