Jul 18, 2011 / by Yvette Pistorio

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It’s time for my weekly round-up of the best blog posts I have seen around the web last week! Here’s the top five in no particular order…

“A new infographic was published this past week by Get Satisfaction and Column Five Media around why people choose to follow brands on social networks. It confirmed much of what we already know about Facebook and Twitter’s power, but it also led to some new insights around marketing online through social channels.”

Online Communication from Mars and Venus via Spin Sucks

“Warning: This post is loaded with rash generalizations and stereotypes. Just to tick you off (John Falchetto). And it’s written by Lisa Gerber.

My husband was telling me a story the other day and I, having the curious mind of the female gender, inquired for further detail. He, of course, was unable to provide the requested detail. His response? “I don’t know. Dudes don’t ask that.”

I should know better than to ask for more detail. It’s no secret that men communicate differently than women.

I am a very big fan of language. When Steve Martin told me that those French have a different word for everything, I knew I wanted to learn them all.

I’ve been thinking about how we use language to express ourselves online. I’ll admit to straddling the fence here, on whether or not I’m happy to see how our language is evolving. For example, they added LMAO and Unfriend to the New Oxford American Dictionary?”

9 Insider PR Tips for Attracting Media Attention via Hubspot

“When you’re trying to promote your business, share news about a specific accomplishment, or publicize a company milestone, you inevitably hope you can get some media attention out of it. These days, not only can you attract the attention of traditional outlets including newspapers and television stations, but you can also look to bloggers and online outlets for coverage and exposure.”

Taking Things Personally via Social Media Explorer

“The single hardest thing in the world for a person to do is disconnect emotion from experience. It rips the fabric of human nature to do so.

This big world we live in hurts an awful lot because we can’t do this well. Whether it’s criticism from a boss or co-worker, someone giving you the stink eye in traffic or just the fact your spouse rolls over and goes to sleep without saying much, the reason is seldom what we think it might be.

Part of this is ego — the bad kind. We think the world revolves around us and so the cold shoulder is certainly because that person is mad at us. Surely it can’t be because they’re mad at something else. Or tired. Or distracted.

Part of this is ego — the good kind. We all just want to be accepted.”

Majority of Working Folks Can’t Resist Sneaking a Peek via Marketing Pilgrim

“Think about the last time you were in a business meeting. Did you sneak a peek? Be honest? Did you hide your mobile phone under the table or go to the restroom for a quick look?

According to a recent Harris Poll, 63% of American’s surveyed believe that people sneak-a-peek at their cell phones during work meetings. The most popular methods of sneakery are:

  • 47% – Hiding their mobile device under the table
  • 42% – Excusing themselves to go to the restroom
  • 35% – Hiding their mobile device in their folders/notebooks/papers
  • 9% – Pretending to tie their shoes
  • 8% – Creating a distraction

Creating a distraction! What an image. ‘Look, Carmen Electra in a helicopter!’”

 And a recap of what happened on Cision Blog

Google + and Security: Our Internet Homes

“With Google + eliminating private profiles, it seems the fledgling social network is making decided strides toward defining the social space as an open one. It also pits itself against the notoriously private Facebook, in many ways playing a red card to Facebook’s black and thus raising new questions about the cultureof online security as it is shaping up in the social space.”

Google + is not out to destroy Facebook, it’s after Microsoft

“Can Google+ compete with Facebook?  That’s what we’ve been asking since Google announced Google+ back in June. Every comparison that I’ve seen so far on Google+ has been between it and Facebook.

And I get it.  They have some similar functionality and at the end of the day, they are both great social media platforms.  But I don’t believe Google+ is trying to compete directly with Facebook.  Its real target…is Microsoft.”

Twitter #Fails: Lessons in PR from Social Media Disasters

“Twitter is a powerful tool for brands and individuals with a message and a means to get it to their audience. Brands on Twitter have fallen victim to blunders where the person in charge hastily posts an inappropriate thought for a large audience to read. The tweeter may have been using a forum like TweetDeck or Hootsuite where they have multiple Twitter accounts connected to and the tweet was meant for their personal account, but they ended up over-sharing to their corporate audience. After suffering a Twitter disaster, some brands assume responsibility for the controversy while others put the blame on interns or agencies from outside the company that were hired.”

A Stop/Start/Continue Plan for Content, Search & Social Media

“Whenever I am making major changes in my life or work, I always look at things in terms of a Stop/Start/Continue Plan:

1)      What do I need to stop doing that isn’t working? What do I need to change to be more successful?

2)      What do I need to start doing that I’m not doing now to have a more beneficial outcome?

3)      What am I currently doing well that I should continue to build on going forward?

I think this is a great way to look at all of the changes to search and social media to be effective in sharing our content online. Richard Edelman wrote a great post last week on his 6AM Blog that talked about Search as a PR Strategy and it got me thinking. What do we, as PR and Marketing Professionals, need to do to be more successful in getting our brands noticed?”

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