5 Ways to Spice Up Your B2B Content Marketing

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What’s Cinco de Mayo without some spicy salsa—extra cilantro, please—tortilla chips, pico and guac? Not much of a Cinco, I’d venture. The spice is what makes the day, not to mention cultural traditions like folklorico dancers, piñatas and mariachi bands.

The same holds true with your B2B brand. Some quality is essential to you and you alone. Find out what it is and champion it!

Don’t share that message with the same, old content marketing tactics. Try something new. Add a little spice to the original recipe. While the essential ingredients don’t change, the form they take does and should.

To “spice up” your B2B content creation, consider these five tips:

1. Master the narrative.

What’s your brand’s story? If you don’t know what it is yet, find out. Talk with customers. Visit with the CEO and long-time employees. Ask them what it was like to start the company.

Once you have that story arc, document it. Write it down. Record it. Have a copy of it somewhere. It determines the shape that other content marketing pieces take.

2. Choose content channels.

One channel is obvious: your website. Make it a place people want to visit. Invest in good UX design. Track how people use the site. Update navigation and lead paths accordingly. Make content easy to find, consume and share.

The other channels lead people to you. They’re social networks and email newsletters. Ads and press releases.

In terms of social networks, ask the following:

  • Where is your audience spending time?
  • When?
  • What do they do on those sites?
  • How do they consume and share content?

Ask similar questions of the other channels. Which audience members prefer newsletters? How do they interact with paid and/or native ads? What impact are press releases having on audience sentiment? Do they cause people to act?

Base content channels on those answers. Focus on the ones meeting PR and business objectives.

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3. Go visual.

Visual Content Marketing Drives More Views

You may be tired of the fact, but it is one: visuals reign supreme in today’s world. They’re easy to create, share and consume. People tend to like them better than text.

Think about your master narrative. What parts of it could be emphasized or told with visuals? Develop a visual content marketing strategy that defines content and can be deployed across multiple channels.

Don’t share the same content across them; each channel has its own nuances and audiences. Customize content to the channel and the people on it. For example, the images you post on LinkedIn probably aren’t the same ones you’d post to Instagram.

4. Use video.

Creating video is not the herculean effort it once was. You can actually get away with using an iPhone as long as you know how to frame and shoot well.

Most networks now feature video in some form or another. Facebook already gives preferential treatment to its native video platform. Twitter is following suit. Instagram already offers 15-second clips.

You can do a lot with video, but remember: it has to relate to the master narrative AND your goals and objectives. Doing video just to do video won’t work. It isn’t sustainable, and it won’t attract a long-term audience.

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5. Consider other media forms.

Visuals and videos are not the end-all, be-all. Be smart. Choose the forms that are relevant to your audience and true to your brand.

That may mean you’ll still write the white paper or case study. But now you augment it visually. Create graphics that can be shared on Instagram and used to drive traffic back to the paper. Do the same thing with SlideShare.

Bonus: integrate SlideShare with your brand’s LinkedIn page to maximize reach and impact.

It could even mean you do something really crazy, really spicy. Start a podcast. Develop a mobile app that helps customers use your products.

The ingredients found with those things haven’t changed. You’ve stayed true to your brand and dedicated yourself to creating content your audience wants and needs. You’ve just added a little spice and created something altogether new and refreshing.

About Erin Feldman

Erin Feldman is the director of editorial services at Tenacity5 Media. When she isn’t researching, writing, and editing blog posts and white papers, she writes poetry and essays, draws her favorite Write Right character, and plans what art form to study next. She’s based in Austin, Texas and can be found on Twitter @erinmfeldman.

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