CHICAGO — Media coverage of America’s independent workers leans more positively than the conversation that actual workers have on social media, a new media analysis by Cision has found. The analysis found that while the media discusses growth in the independent workforce and its benefits for employers, workers discuss the difficulty in finding work, fears about their retirement and even loneliness.

On behalf of The Rockefeller Foundation, Cision conducted a one-year news media and social media analysis of conversation relating to independent workers, including those working in the growing gig economy. Analysts conducted the media review between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016, studying more than 540,000 news media and blog articles as well as 132,000 social media posts. The goal of the analysis was to better understand media perception around the topic.

The analysis found four distinct groups of independent workers: parents, retirees, recent graduates and small business owners.

Retirees most often discussed needing to supplement their income in 28 percent of the discussions, followed by 21 percent of discussions for looking for work and 21 percent with questions about filing taxes.

“Workers are trying to find ways to make ends meet and they are going online to find advice from each other on how to do just that,” said Caitlin Jamali, Cision’s senior insights analyst.

Small business owners were twice as likely to discuss hourly rates, as well as not earning enough money, 12 percent of their conversations related to general worry. Meanwhile, parents were twice as likely to discuss the benefits of having a flexible schedule with their gig work, but were also more likely to miss the day to day interactions they’d have with colleagues in more traditional work environments.

Study Highlights

  • Leading negatively toned discussions were about taxes, worry and insurance ultimately leading to 37 percent of the overall discussing being negative in sentiment
  • More than 25 percent of all discussion related to general worry for independent workers
  • Retirees often reach out for help online with questions about taxes and their retirement plans
  • 35 percent of discussion from recent graduations were about looking for work, discussing additive work, or using gig labor to supplement income from a primary job three times as much as than independent workers as a whole

Leading gig economy stories from the past year:

The analysis also found that four stories grabbed the headlines and influenced the conversation most throughout the year:

The disconnect between the news coverage of the independent workforce and the voice of independent workers signals that while the perception is that the community is thriving, general worry is shared concerning their future and the group may benefit from additional funding initiatives and workshops to ensure their continued success. View more from the study here.

About Cision and Rockefeller Foundation Research Project:
This independent research was supported by the Rockefeller Foundation, with the goal of providing new insight into the way people are thinking and talking about important problems affecting resilience and economic inclusion around the world. As part of this work, Cision investigated challenges surrounding America’s independent workforce, the resilience of global healthcare systems, and food waste and loss in South and Southeast Asia.

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