Understand and identify the content that is shaping your company narrative with a monitoring solution that goes across media channels including online, print, TV, radio, social and more, and provides data-driven insights.

Largest collection of channels in one earned media solution​

Monitor brand reputation, competitive mentions, and industry news with comprehensive listening across online, print, broadcast, and social in one easy-to-use platform.

Shift to meet your business needs​

Shift monitoring strategies on the fly and ensure best practices are being used while navigating the sea of media through unlimited searches. Gather insights about your earned media simply in one solution to show and report on results.

Measure ROI​

Do more than just count clips and impressions. Deliver unparalleled insight into the performance of your earned media with the ability to understand audiences and track influenced website traffic.

Deep, contextual analysis​

Understand the “why” behind your mentions and coverage. Deep, contextual analysis including sentiment, key messages, geography, social audience, engagement, SEO analysis, impact scoring and much more is available.

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