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Earned Media Monitoring & Audience Attribution

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Watch our 16-minute on-demand web session for a live demo of Cision Monitoring & Impact, including how you can track earned media content across the web and map campaign outcomes back to defined business objectives. In addition, we’ll review:

  • Earned Media Management – Cision’s best-in-breed tech modernizes your comms function through concrete data.
  • Understanding End Audiences – Stop guessing the audiences that earned content reaches. Get to know these influencers and end users with demographics firmographics.
  • Validating Conversions Attribution– ROI is now a reality for Earned Media. See how you can better measure and attribute your impact using data to link your efforts to specific outcomes.

Watch our on-demand web session to take the guess work out of Earned Media.

Connect with an expert to learn how you can track earned media across your campaigns.



Meet Our Speakers

Kelsey Franjione headshot
Kelsey Franjione
Marketing Manager, GTM Strategy & Innovation at Cision
Kevin Miller headshot
Kevin Miller
Product Marketing Manager at Cision