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The 2024 State of the Media Report

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Solving the Social in ESG

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Everything You Want to Know but Were Afraid to Ask

With Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) becoming an increased topic of interest among investors and other key stakeholders in recent years (particularly the subject of social), many organizations are feeling pressure to show their commitment to ESG. For many of these organizations, however, discussing ESG is new and uncharted territory, and many are struggling to communicate their efforts in a way that feels authentic to audiences and builds trust.  

So where should these organizations begin? How do you create messaging around ESG that is authentic and builds audience trust? How can you make sure you’re hitting the right note when it comes to addressing major social issues?  

You begin by focusing on the platforms that are the non-stop generators of consumer opinion.  

Join us for Solving the Social in ESG: Everything You Want to Know but Were Afraid to Ask, on Thursday, Sept. 9 at 1 p.m. CT. During this discussion, we’ll examine:  

  • The history of ESG and why it’s become a focus recently  
  • What challenges companies are facing right now 
  • Why ESG analysis and reporting are more important than ever  
  • The importance of creating a sound social strategy around ESG 
  • And much more...