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The 2024 State of the Media Report

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7 Steps to Survive a Social Media Crisis

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When it comes to a social crisis, don't be scared - be prepared

The scariest thing about a social media crisis? You never see it coming.

In this short on-demand webinar, Jay Baer walks through 7 steps to surviving a social media crisis. Learn how to prepare your brand for a crisis and what to do if and when a crisis occurs. From knowing when it's about to happen to crafting an appropriate response, see why it's imperative for every brand to have a crisis plan in place ahead of time. Jay covers easy strategies that you can implement right away, including

  • Use social listening to know when a crisis is about to happen
  • Acknowledge the crisis immediately and properly
  • Identify and organize your main media and internal contacts


Meet Our Expert Speaker

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Jay Baer
Founder of Convince & Convert