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The 2024 Cision and PRWeek Global Comms Report

Find out how 400+ PR and comms leaders worldwide are approaching the way they work in today’s media landscape.

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Top 3 Webinines of 2019, Crises, Social and PR Analytics

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9 New Metrics Trackable by Advanced PR Pros

PR Pros are looking past equivalency, subscribers, and even "potential reach" to uncover the EXACT results of their communications initiatives. Now advanced practitioners are using end-to-end earned media management technologies to determine the value of their efforts and make better decisions.

Wondering how you can begin to sunset old tactics and integrate an advanced source of truth? Find out in a fast-paced, info-packed, concise special session from Jay Baer. Best of all, the entire session is just about NINE minutes long. It's not a Webinar, it's a WebiNINE.

5 Big Truths Social Data Can Uncover for PR Pro

Utilizing your social media data is a secret weapon for finding new insights, discovering opportunities, and outflanking competitors. Watch this quick, information-packed webinine by marketing guru, Jay Baer to learn how to:

  • Monitor your competition and uncover how they're getting placements
  • Use social media to discover industry influencers and journalists
  • Determine what content matters the most to your target audience

7 Steps to Survive a Social Media Crisis

The scariest thing about a social media crisis? You never see it coming.

In this short on-demand webinar, Jay Baer walks through 7 steps to surviving a social media crisis. Learn how to prepare your brand for a crisis and what to do if and when a crisis occurs. From knowing when it's about to happen to crafting an appropriate response, see why it's imperative for every brand to have a crisis plan in place ahead of time. Jay covers easy strategies that you can implement right away, including

  • Use social listening to know when a crisis is about to happen
  • Acknowledge the crisis immediately and properly
  • Identify and organize your main media and internal contacts


Meet Our Expert Speaker

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Jay Baer
Founder of Convince & Convert