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The 2024 State of the Media Report

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What's the difference between social media and PR?

For a while now the new word of mouth marketing has been social media, but why do companies engage in social media marketing? Most would say it’s to connect to their consumers, to have a relationship with them in order to keep their products and company top of mind and viewed in the most positive light. But doesn’t this sound exactly like the job of public relations?

Join Cision alongside Falcon and special guests Cecilia Leonard, Media Relations Officer at Virginia Tech and Diana Vasquez, Bilingual Social Media Coordinator at Union of Concerned Scientists as we discuss the intersection between PR and Social media and how to effectively integrate the two channels.

During this webinar, we focus on:

  • Why the relationship between PR & Social is mutually beneficial
  • Practical ways to incorporate social media in your PR plan
  • The future of social media
  • And much more!


Meet the Speakers

Diana Vasquez Headshot
Diana Vasquez
Bilingual Social Media Coordinator
Union of Concerned Scientists
Ceci Leonard headshot
Ceci Leonard
Media Relations Officer
Virginia Tech