Getting Creative with Your PR & Marketing

Leveraging Creative to Make Better Pitches


After our hugely successful live panel in San Fran, we hosted a follow-up webinar featuring David Cardiel - Cision, Shira Abel - Hunter & Bard, Rich Harris - Dreamtek, and Paul Wilke - Upright Position Communications, to discuss how the lines between marketing, communications, and public relations are becoming increasingly blurry.

In 60 minutes learn why it's no longer enough to be siloed in a single industry. In addition, our expert speakers cover:

  • Integrating practices outside your comfort zone
  • Leveraging creative in traditionally non-creative industries
  • Revamping your brand’s PR and marketing tactics

Meet Our Speakers:

Paul Wilke

Upright Position Communications

Shira Abel
Hunter & Bard

Rich Harris

Creative Director