Take 5: LinkedIn Live Series

Take 5 is a bi-weekly series hosted by Cision where we discuss today's top trends, everyday tips for PR professionals and the state of the industry.


Episode 1

Join host Sarah Parker, Cision's Content Marketing Manager, during our pilot episode on Take 5 as she discusses how to pitch like a real pro with the Senior Editor of the Toronto Star, Julie Carl. 




About Julie Carl:

Julie Carl is a Senior Editor at the Toronto Star. Over a 30-year career she has worked in 10 newsrooms in four provinces and covered everything from quadruple murders to the Royal wedding of Will and Kate.





About Heather White:

Heather White is part of the longtime morning show on 98.1 KVET. She and Bama Brown have been waking up Austin on KVET for 7 years. Prior to that, they were on KASE 101 in the morning. Heather has longevity in the business because she said 'yes' to challenges and opportunities, learning technology as it was developed. She started on records and reel-to-reel machines and is now adept at audio production, bloggging, and podcasts. She looks forward to encouraging the next generation of communicators. 


Episode 2

Is pitching to a radio host any different than pitching to a newspaper columnist? Find out on our second episode of Take 5 as we talk all things radio (and of course pitching) with iHearMedia's Heather White. 


Episode 3

Join us for episode 3 where we have a follow up conversation to our Demanding Change: How to Best Communicate Brand Action, webinar, with SVP of Novitá Communications, Joseph Cephas. You don't want to miss this insightful episode on taking action. 




About Joseph Cephas

Formerly VP of Communications & Brand Experience with the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), Joseph joined Novitá on the cusp of COVID and has been instrumental in helping the firm pivot by expanding digital services for clients, offereing a voice for the black design and marketing communications community and helping clients navigate the ever evolving workplace environment. He adamantly believe that the Marketing & Communications Sector must effect change and give voice to the unheard. 





About Sarah Paynter:

Sarah Paynter is a real estate reporter at Yahoo Finance, with bylines at The Real Deal and Newsday. Sarah is a graduate of the Dow Jones News Fund Business Journalism program and the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism, where she won the sole student award for financial journalism. 


Episode 4

In our fourth episode of Take 5 we discuss the importance of pitching and press releases with journalist Sarah Paynter of Yahoo! Finance. Check out this episode before watching the on-demand version of the State of the Press Release webinar. You'll be a pitching and press release pro before you know it! 


Episode 5

On this week’s episode of Take 5 LIVE w/ Anna Crowe of Crowe PR, we’ll be discussing the importance of ROI metrics in PR and moving the needle. Join us as we discuss how PR can finally prove it deserves a seat at the table.  




About Anna Crowe

Anna Crowe is founder and CEO of Crowe PR, a recognized public relations and marketing expert, best-selling author and speaker. Anna has spent nearly 20 years working for iconic brands in New York, Los Angeles and San Diego, pivoting from a Big 4 CPA track, to scaling and leading a bi-coastal public relations and marketing agency. In addition to running her business and empowering people to unlock their true potential through authenticity, Anna spearheads the local chapter of a female focused Changemaker Chats organization and sits on the board of the San Diego Chapter of the Entrepreneurs Organization. 



About Pamela Zapata

Pamela Zapata is a NYC-based talent and marketing executive who brings a unique range of experience to the table, including over 10 years of mastering influencer strategy, integrated marketing, talent relations, casting, and production for some of the biggest networks, brands and agencies in the industry. In 2019 she founded Society 18, a bicoastal influencer management and consulting agency with a focus on multicultural and multiethnic content creators and digital strategy. Zapata leverages her unique strategic insight to maximize sponsorships and optimize campaign performance to benefit both her clients and brands. She skillfully guides clients through the complexities involved with brand partnerships, while also focusing on personal brand building, channel growth and optimization and new business.

Episode 6

What is influencer marketing? It's not just paying someone with 1 million + followers to promote a product. Hear from Pamela Zapata, Founder and CEO of Society Eighteen, as she discusses all things influencer marketing. 




Episode 7

On this special edition of Take 5 we’ll be discussing the intersection of PR and politics. Join us along with Ben Jenkins, Partner at Locust Street to discuss if brands should join in the election discussion and if so, how to get it right.




About Ben Jenkins

A veteran Washington communicator, Ben is a partner at Locust Street Group, where he oversees the firm’s leading communications practice, providing direct strategic communications counsel and support on behalf of all clients. With over 15 years of public affairs experience, Ben helps coalitions, corporations, and trade associations achieve industry and business objectives through national, state, and local earned media management.


About Peter Shankman

The New York Times has called Peter Shankman "a rockstar who knows everything aboutsocial media and then some." He is a 5x best selling author, entrepreneur and corporatekeynote speaker, focusing on customer service and the new and emerging customer andneurotatypical economy. With three startup launches and exits under his belt, (most notably Help a Reporter Out) Peter is recognized worldwide for radically new ways of thinking about thecustomer experience, social media, PR, marketing, advertising, and ADHD (Attention DeficitHyperactivity Disorder) and the new Neurodiverse and Remote economies.

In addition to his passion for helping people and companies find success, some of Peter'shighlights also include:

• Founder of HARO - Help A Reporter Out, which became the standard for thousands ofjournalists looking for sources prior to being acquired three years after launch

• The ShankMinds Breakthrough Network, an elite, online mastermind of thought leaders,business experts, and change makers

• Faster than Normal - The Internet's #1 podcast on ADHD, focusing on the superpowers andgifts of having a "faster than normal brain,” which has helped thousands of people all around theworld realize that having a neurodiverse brain is actually a gift, not a curse.

Peter is a worldwide influencer and/or spokesperson for several global brands including Sylvania Lighting, National Car Rental, Manscaped.com, Thule, and many others. Finally, Peter is a father, a 2x Ironman triathlete, a class B licensed skydiver, and has a prettyserious Peloton addiction. When he’s not traveling around the world speaking to companies bigand small, he's based in NYC with his seven year old daughter and 20-year-old cat, both ofwhom consistently refuse him access to the couch.

Episode 8

As a follow up to our conversation co-hosted with the CMO Council featuring Cisco and Schneider Electric, we sit down with Futurist-in-Residence, Peter Shankman of Epic Marketing Consultants Corporation. Join us as we continue to discuss how to bridge the gap between marketing and comms.